When to have exclusivity talk when dating

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In order to do that, you’re going to have to have “the talk.” No one really wants to be the one to initiate the ‘Are we exclusive? If you’re at the point where you feel like you’re ready for a little more, you’re suddenly not interested in seeing anyone else but him, and you’re uncomfortable with him seeing other people, then it’s definitely time to have that talk.If this has the potential to turn into an actual relationship, then communication is crucial.I’ve seen many people over my years of coaching who get hurt this way and waste months or years with the wrong guy because they never brought up the conversation of defining what they wanted the relationship to be. Typically, men will be a little bit slower than the average woman in terms of how fast they move the relationship forward (though not all guys – some guys will move far than you are comfortable with – these “impulsive romantics” are also guys you should be wary of).In general, many guys begin dating a woman not 100% certain if they want a relationship or not.Forming a relationship takes vulnerability; don’t let the fear of rejection hold you back.

My only advice is to try to enjoy the first few dates without thinking too much about what’s next.With online sites and dating apps there are so many nuances with modern day dating that it’s hard to know when to have a define the relationship talk.There’s chatting online, which moves to text or phone calls, casual dating which can last a few dates or months, which develops into an exclusive relationship, and then finally comes a defined BF/GF status. Because everyone has a different dating approach—some put all of their eggs in one basket, while others date multiple people at a time, it can be confusing which stage you’re in unless you talk about it directly.When a relationship isn’t define, we find ourselves in situations where we have to stop and ask, “Was that really cheating?” The way that dating has progressed has made it more and more difficult to really define what levels of commitment exist for each phase of a relationship, but defining these unknowns before someone gets hurt in the process is important.

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