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For months I’ve faithfully read the “Dear Abby” advice columns to learn the current problems average people face in our topsy-turvy world.This advice column is something of a national institution going back over 60 years and is a fairly reliable indicator of real people seeking real answers to real problems today.Even though it may seem selfish, my wish was to be near my family. We’ve been married for 15 years, live in my hometown and have three little boys.Ralph is 42, homesick and wants us to move back home now to be around his parents because he’s lived around my parents for 15 years.Larry Tomczak is a cultural commentator of 43 years, Liberty Counsel public policy adviser, Intercessors for America board member and best-selling author.His new, innovative video/book, "Bullseye," develops informed influencers in 30 days. To get a finger on the pulse of our culture, I decided to do an experiment.Sometimes there’d be an amusing account of a pet problem or handling grandma’s quirks. Are you aware how far things have departed into the bizarre as sinful conduct is airbrushed away while consequences remain?The eye-opening discovery I found was that many people are needlessly suffering because they simply don’t know truth.

DEAR ABBY: I think my stepdaughter "Caroline" has an unhealthy relationship with my husband.

Survey the scene Here’s a sampling of some of the column’s content (that’s appropriate for publication! How about premarital sex, abortion, transgenders, pornography addicts, voyeurs and exhibitionists?

Counsel given young people comes from unscriptural resources. This experiment is another cultural indicator of our serious moral decline.

After repeatedly being lied to, I am now couch-surfing, mainly at my ex-husband’s house.

I feel tired and broken — no income, no home, no respect and no hope of him getting it together. A.: You will feel less broken after you have consulted a lawyer about helping you get out of this fraudulent marriage.

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