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“Democracy promotion is not Iraq and Afghanistan,” she said. We went to Iraq to defeat Saddam Hussein, who was a security threat.” Even though Iraq has ongoing troubles, she said, it’s still worth supporting the country’s democratic efforts.

“It takes a really long time but we can’t give up on people who are still trying to make that journey,” she said.

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Her looks didn't help when rumors circulated early in 2007 that Megyn was having an affair with Fox News veteran broadcaster Brit Hume, who had taken Kelly under his wing.

We can read the newspaper on the air, but it would not be very interesting.

He is also co-host on Fox News Channel of America’s Newsroom. He has planned a lot for his future also covering important news lately.

From the day Roger Ailes hired her - when she was 'green' and 'stiff' the media couple helped Megyn develop her wining on-air persona. But in 2006 rumors spread that Brit and Megyn's relationship went beyond the professional. The news anchor joined a flurry of women who came forward to accuse Ailes of sexual harassment following Gretchen Carlson's July lawsuit, claiming she'd been fired after refusing his advances.

In 2006 rumors spread that Brit and Megyn's relationship went beyond the professional and that they Megyn was divorced from her first husband, Dr. But this is the first time she has spoken publicly about her own alleged experiences of sexual misconduct by Ailes, who would often make inappropriate sexual comments and even tried to kiss her, she writes.

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